We provide investment management advisory services to individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and institutions.

Our services could also be used for tax-exempt charitable organizations and retirement plans, which have their own set of requirements involving capital preservation and appreciation of assets. The size of client relationships generally ranges from portfolios totaling $100,000 to several millions for individuals, trusts, non profits and other retirement planning accounts.

We provide several different strategies, which help us create a better diversified portfolio for our clients, who have unique needs and goals. For complete list of strategies, go to the DOCUMENTS tab and download our Portfolio Description form.




We are very versatile in our approach to investments, utilizing a wide range of investment products in our strategy, which creates a balanced portfolio for our clients.


Sector Rotation:

In general, not all industries move in sync with each other or the market. To take advantage of this, we try to invest in strong performing industries by rotating in and out of them in a timely manner.


Long and short hedge:

Our active portfolio management capitalizes on the market trends. Depending on the strength and the weakness of the market, we utilize long and inverse funds, and to offset volatility we minimally hedge our exposure at times.


Employing Leverage:

We constantly evaluate and react to market sentiments. When market uncertainty increases volatility, we reduce our exposure and get defensive by raising cash.  And on the other hand when we identify a recognizable trend in the market, we use modest leverage in our approach. (Leverage: increase the exposure with the same amount of capital, by using various available investment mediums).